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Why is package based on guest count? How do we figure an approximate count?

Packages have a base for services that do not change with the number of guests, and then fluctuate for services like food and beverage, linens and decoration for additional tables, etc., and can include a custom event coordinator in Greenfield, IN. We suggest choosing your lowest anticipated guest count for your package as you can add guests, but not subtract once we have decided on a base. Typical attendance for local guests is about 75-80%. 

What if we want to use some of our own choices for services?

We try to be very flexible in allowing outside vendors/caterers with a few exceptions. We require the use of our licensed bartender, and we highly recommend our DJ who provides not only music but master of ceremony services and specialty lighting and ceremony sound. While our photographer, florist and baker guarantee smoothness in our predictable team, we are happy to incorporate your vendors into our plan for the day. We simply subtract our cost for our services from the package, and you pay your vendors directly. 

What is required for deposit and how do you handle payments?

We understand paying for a wedding is a challenge. Therefore we try to be as flexible as possible in this area. We will work with you if you desire monthly payments, a larger payment near tax return time, or anticipate help from relatives. Typical arrangements outside that are usually 25% deposit and 3-6 payments spread out throughout the engagement period. We can accept cash, personal checks, and debit/credit card payment if necessary. 

What if our plans change?

Life happens in ways we don't always expect. We try to be as flexible as possible if changes to event date are necessary. If cancellation occurs, you have the option to transfer the credit of what you have paid thus far to another type of custom event, another date within the calendar year, or another person who can use that credit within the calendar year for similar services with the same professionals. We do not give refunds under any circumstances due to the number of vendors we pay out to in advance, but we will try to allow you to use as much of the credit as possible in creative ways. 

Do we need insurance?

We ask that you obtain a rider or coverage as the host of the custom event through your homeowners or renters policy, or obtain event insurance.  We have liability insurance as do our professionals, but you as the hosts are liable as well, so it is wise to have this coverage (300-500,000 typical)

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